Integrated Management System

SHSI is committed to establishing a safe and healthy workplace to our staff and the people engaged in and affected by our operations, including clients, contractors and the public.

SHSI emphasizes shared responsibilities amongst all staff throughout the company. A safety culture is continually developed with the support from the top management. The Safety and Health Policy Statement demonstrates our commitment in this area. Our goal is not only to satisfy the needs of our clients and statutory requirements, but to achieve the best safety practices and performance in the market.

To achieve this commitment, SHSI maintains a high standard of safety management system in accordance with the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation. In addition, to recognize the highest quality safety management system that SHSI has maintained, we have successfully obtained ISO 45001 certification by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

SHSI has a team of professional and qualified safety practitioners to ensure the safety management system of the company is always maintained at the highest level.

SHSI also works closely with all its contractors and facilitates control and measures to ensure that the safety commitment and shared responsibilities are extended to its contractors and their employees.

Safety Policy Rev 13 (Eng)_20230503